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Windsor Townhomes For Sale In Windsor, Ontario

Townhomes in Windsor provide the best housing alternative for students, young couples, and workers who don’t need a big place or can’t afford condos. For those who enjoy living in the city, townhouses are a perfect fit especially if you’re a first-time house buyer because you won’t have to worry about landscaping or roof replacement. Families who are on a low budget are also advised to opt for them because they can provide decent comfort and affordability for little families.
Most townhomes in Windsor are typically two to three stories tall, some aren’t storey buildings but are attached horizontally. They can be anything from one to three rooms with one or two baths. Townhome owners share building amenities amongst themselves, such as parking lot, corridors, etc. The proximity of the townhomes to the city makes them perfect for students and working-class individuals.

The Popularity of Townhomes in Windsor

For the first time in the last four years, there has been a high demand for townhomes in Windsor. Townhomes in Windsor give a fantastic view of nature, provides good interior designs, affordability, and it’s in close to city while being located in less busy neighborhood. They are preferable for business personalities, small families, young couples and retirees.

Townhomes in Windsor are priced based on the facilities in them, their location, age, and demand. Average 2 bedrooms with 2 baths go for prices ranging $100,000 to $300,000. Three bedrooms with 1 bath go for prices between $225,000 to 500,000. Typically horizontal townhomes are more expensive than vertical (story building) townhomes.

Choosing the right neighborhood

If you’re looking for the best neighborhood in Windsor Ontario to live in, here’s a list of the best neighborhoods to buy townhomes in Windsor.

Banwell has some of the most townhomes available for sale at very affordable rates. Park Street, West Windsor also has some really amazing townhomes. Other good neighborhoods include Tecumseh and Riverside.

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