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Condo For Sale in Windsor, Ontario

Condos in Windsor, Ontario are best suited for students, young couples, and small families. Interested buyers with large families are advised to opt for larger accommodation like bungalows and quadruplexes. Condos in Windsor are mainly apartments with one bedroom and one bath, two-bedroom and two baths, two bedrooms, and three baths, and a few three bedrooms and one/two baths. Condo owners usually share building amenities amongst themselves such as a gym, swimming pool, saunas, libraries, valet services, theatres, etc.

Most condos in Windsor are in high-rise buildings of seven stories and above and are usually closer to the city. The proximity of the condos to the city makes them perfect for students and working-class individuals.

The Popularity of Condos in Windsor, Ontario

Condos in Windsor, Ontario are well known for their minimalist interior designs, beautiful view of the city, affordability, and proximity to the city while being located in less busy neighbourhoods. They are preferred by young couples, business personnel, and small families.

You will find condos in Windsor, Ontario priced according to the size, age, area, facilities, and demand. Most one-bedroom/one-bath condos price ranges from $150,000 to $180,000. Two bedrooms and two bath condos go for prices between $250,000 and $650,000 while a few two-bedroom/three baths condos go for an average of $400,000. Detached condos are difficult to find and usually older and more expensive.

Choosing your Windsor neighbourhood

If you are looking for the best neighbourhood in Windsor, Ontario to live in, here is the list of the best neighbourhoods to buy condos in Windsor, Ontario.

Banwell has the most condos available for sale, and the homes are affordable. Wyandotte, Walkerville is the neighbourhood with the most expensive condos in Windsor ranging from $300,000 to $650,000. Park Street and Thronberry Street, West Windsor have the most affordable condos in Windsor. Other good neighbourhoods include Tecumseh street (which has the second-biggest mall in Windsor) and Riverside.

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